Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Medicaid in Maine (MaineCare) covers the purchase of the device for MaineCare patients. Please visit the Obtain a Device section of this website for more information

The only patients who are not qualified to use our device are those with implanted medical devices, such as an implanted nerve stimulator or pacemaker, as the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® may interfere with the functioning of such devices.

The answer is yes and the reason is that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® employs a completely different method of action than drug therapy. Instead of inhibiting neurons from absorbing serotonin, as antidepressant medication does, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® activates brain regions, such as the basal ganglia and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, that are responsible for mood, sleep and cognition.

Yes. The device does not have any contraindications with medication.

When used cranially to treat insomnia, depression and anxiety, 1 in 500 patients report a mild headache upon using the device.

Appoximately 1 in 250 patients may experience an increase in wakefulness immediately after using the device. If this occurs, the device should not be used within three hours of bedtime.

Although not a side effect, improper use of the device may result in minor electrode irritation - this can occur if the sponges are not thoroughly wet before use. Please watch the instructional video and read the instruction manual thoroughly before using the device. People with very sensitive skin may find that the sponge electrodes, even when wet, cause a slight irritation to the skin - but this is very rare.

Whereas pharmaceutical drugs must be FDA-Approved to enter the market, medical devices must be FDA-Cleared. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is FDA-Cleared to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

Since 2009, 6,000 practitioners -- including 2,000 board-certified doctors -- have prescribed the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®.

The device works by generating gentle electrical pulses at patented frequencies that stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals required for healthy mood and sleep.

Ideally, you should use the device twice a day for 20 minutes until your symptoms go into remission. If you no longer have symptoms, you can stop using the device and then renew treatment if the symptoms return. The device has been on the market for decades without any reports of long-term negative effects. Many patients have used the device for years.

The electrical current is so gentle that many patients do not feel it at all, while some may feel a mild tingling at the sponge contact sites. Mild optic nerve stimulation may also occur, which may produce the sensation of flashing light in the corner of the eyes - this is normal and harmless.

Many people report positive changes during or shortly after the first 5-10 treatment sessions. Results in treating insomnia are typically experienced faster than in treating depression and anxiety. The device should be used daily for up to 3-4 weeks before making a decision regarding effectiveness. While level 2 is the recommended starting dosage level, the device may be used safely at level 3 and 4, should level 2 not produce positive results after two weeks.

When being used to treat chronic pain (on the body), the device often reduces symptoms within a few treatment sessions.

Resting quietly is best, but one can engage in activities such as reading, watching TV, using the computer, or talking on the phone during a treatment session.

Yes. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

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