Reviews of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator®

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Great Intervention

This product has been excellent for the patients I see in practice, many of whom go on to buy units themselves. I also use it as well - it helps manage anxiety and find it good for sleep maintenance (I have no problems with sleep initiation). It is also great in that it is SAFE. I have had no adverse effects or bad reactions at all, both for me and for patients. Some have better results than others, but it is clearly something to seriously consider when contemplating treatment options.

by Christopher Burke on Fisher Wallace
Solid and no side Effects

I have use this unit myself, and also for patients. I have not had any patients have adverse effects, and some have reported positive results. Some of that may be due to the Hawthorne effect, but nonetheless, it has been effective in helping people deal with low mood and chronic pain issues. I have found it helpful, when used regularly, in dealing with sleep maintenance, although I do not find it particularly helpful with sleep initiation. I also find energy and mood improved when I use it regularly. Also, and importantly, there are no side effects from this treatment.

by Caroline K on Fisher Wallace

I have spent years dealing with depression and anxiety. The fisher wallace stimulator was recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical at first. I have to say that my experience has been amazing since first trying. I am feeling more and more like myself with less intrusive thoughts. It is nice to block out the 20 minutes 2x a day to relax with the stimulator on as well. Thank you!!

Most effective treatment I have seen to date

I love the Fisher Wallace stimulator. I recommend it to my clients who have suffered severe to moderate depression and/anxiety and it is wonderfully effective. Thank you!

by Carl Peters on Fisher Wallace
Great product!!

I have been using the fisher wallace product for about a month now. I use it on level 4 for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before bed. I feel it is helping lift my major depression and will continue to use this product as a part of my treatment plan. Thank you fisher wallace for a great product, I wish I found it years ago.

We purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator for an adult family member who has struggled with depression for most of his life. After the initial two weeks of treatment, he felt that the device kept him from slipping into a depression. He has cut back to using it twice a week and has been feeling well for three months now. We are definitely keeping it!

by anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Helped me with Depression and Hypochondriasis

I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and co-morbid hypochondriasis. It is of the relapsing remitting type and I have taken remeron in the past for the same. This time around, I tried FW and I could notice the difference in a matter of three weeks! I used the device 2 times daily. Initially, I would feel dizzy and lightheaded after using the device. Infact, on the third day, I felt woozy headed throughout the day. I was in two minds but I decided to continue as I spoke to John from the service team who advised me to give it atleast two weeks. I started noticing a marked difference from the third week (on level 2 setting). Its been three months and I have achieved remission! I still use it once or twice a day but not as regularly as before.Pros:1) It works!! I didnt think it would work for me because just like many other patients, I felt that my problem is unique. It has reduced my health anxieties, and depression!2) Great service: Unfortunately my first device stopped working, but the service team sent me a new device within 4 days.3) Very easy to use!Cons:1) A little messy: There's water streaming down your face while you are using this device and it can be quite irritating ( especially if you are working on your desk etc..with important papers lying around)2) You need to keep replacing the sponge.3) It's not cheap

by Angela Mailander on Fisher Wallace
On a roll again

I can’t quite say the Fisher Wallace stimulator saved my life, but who’d call it living when age-related bothers make it harder enjoy it. The Fisher Wallace stimulator has made sleep easier and better, and that has made all the difference. The instructions said I’d have to give it thirty days, but for me, it worked very noticeably the first week. And there was an unexpected effect as well. I’m a writer, but had not been doing much lately due to fatigue. I’m on a roll again.

Device helps me so much!

I have been using my device going on 2.5 years and can say that this is an excellent device for depression and chronic pain. I have been taking Trintellix for 3 months and the combination works very well with keeping my depression very much in control. I have dealt with chronic depression for most of my life and when I added the Fisher-Wallace device, it was and is the difference maker with treating my depression.I addition, I have moderate to severe chronic pain from nerve damage in a surgery that went wrong. I find that my pain level stays well in control with the help of my device.

by Scott Fitch on Fisher Wallace
Depression and anxiety for 30+ years

I have had severe bouts of depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. As I got older and in to my 40's, I had to be hospitalized several times. I was missing work and could not keep a job.I did some research on depression and came across an article about head injuries during childhood and depression/anxiety. When I was 6, I fell of my bike and struck the front of my head on the concrete. I had a concussion and fractured skull. I read about, how none of the drugs will help people with this kind of injury from childhood. Electric shock therapy seemed to be the only treatment which helped. I then did research on home treatments similar to ECT. I then came across the Fisher Wallace device.I was as down as I had ever been and needed to try something. It was the hospital again/ suicide or this. I asked my doctor to write a prescription for it, and started the treatment. Within a week, I was much better, and within 2-3 weeks I was finishing projects, which I had left unfinished and clicking on all cylinders. This was over 2 years ago.Since then I have not missed any work due tp depression and have had no major relapse. I seem to be able to focus on task and complete them. I am doing very well at work. When I get minor depression, I am able to keep under control and from getting worse. A few days on the device in maintenance and I am back to normal.After discussing this with my doctor, she things that the head injury at a early age, could have been the cause of my issues. She is amazed at the results as I am. I have my life back and I have never been happier. Happy is the new normal for me.It took me a life time of battling with depression, before I found this device and figured out my issue with my child hood head injury. I hope, other people will read this, and get the help they need. Main stream doctors still do not seem to know about this device. However, find one who will let you try it. My doctor did, and it changed my life.SincerelyScott

by Douglas Brown on Fisher Wallace
helps with depression

I have had this device for a few years and it really helps boost the effects of my antidepressant medications. I can tell a big difference immediately. I highly recommend this product.

by Jennifer Vals on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression in my 20s and was medicated for many years with Prozac. It worked, but I gained weight and didn't like some of the other side effects. I chose to go off of medicine in my late 30s and did fairly well but still suffered from anxiety and occasional depression. I decided to try the Fisher Wallace Stimulator this last fall to ease my increasing anxiety, which was starting to lead me into depression. I used it twice a day for 20 minutes each. I noticed a difference three days later- my anxiety started to ease, and within a week, I noticed a considerable decline in anxiety and the depression had been averted. I noticed that I started dreaming more vividly, just like I had dreamed while on Prozac, so I knew that it was working like the Prozac only I am not having to deal with any side effects. I've been telling everyone I know who suffers from anxiety to give it a try-it's really helped me, and I use it religiously now!

A good device for electro therapy.

So much better than taking often useless, side effect riddled anti-depressants. It has reduced my general level of anxiety which frees me up for more productive thinking.

by Barb G on Fisher Wallace

I have suffered from depression for many years and after trying several different antidepressants, I finally gave up on them. My sleep had become terrible. I would toss and turn for hours and wake several times during the night once I did fall asleep. I started taking Belsomra, which was very expensive. When I saw an ad for FW stimulator, I took it too my Dr and he said to try it and wrote me a prescription. I thought it was well worth the money if it works. I have been using it since last fall and my sleep has improved tremendously. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. If I do wake I fall right back to sleep. I even dream, so must be getting better quality of sleep. I quit the sleep medication right after starting with the FW. My depression has also improved. I would definitely recommend this device. It is worth the money. It is less expensive than antidepressants or sleep medication!

by Tim on Fisher Wallace
Better results than expected

I've suffered from depression for my entire life, and have tried every combination of talk and drug therapy known to medical science. I'm in my 60s and had all but decided that life was as good as it was going to get, and it wasn't all that good. The Fisher-Wallace device was a Hail Mary for me. Within three days, I noticed that most of my symptoms had disappeared. I'm not euphoric, just free from depression. I have slightly improved sleep, but no side effects to speak of. I am cautiously optimistic about continued use of the device, but as of now there is no reason to stop and everything to gain. I'd recommend this to anyone who is not getting the desired result from conventional therapies.

by Leslye on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace device for insomnia

I have had difficulty sleeping forever but this difficulty developed into insomnia over the past three years. Medications worked, but left me feeling lethargic and drowsy the following day. I have been using the FW device for three months and it has enabled me to develop healthy sleep patterns, to get more sleep, and to be able to return to sleep if I have woken up at night. I am currently under tremendous pressure( an international move) and managing the stress well thanks to the sleep the device has enabled me to get. I highly recommend the device. Use it regularly and follow the directions.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace
Just keeps getting better

I have been using the unit since the 20th of October, 2016 - Sleep has always been an effort, I am now naturally tired by 9 pm and asleep within 10 minutes of lying down. I sleep 7 to 8 hours and awaken feeling truly refreshed. I stress enough the gift this device has given my life. My years long battle with depression is gone. I sleep like a baby. Please do your self a favor and try this unit, I promise you, you will be amazed.


I have been suffering with insomnia for my whole life and have tried ambien, lunesta, melatonin and all the otc sleep aids and nothing helped. After using the Fisher wallace for 20 minutes twice daily I have finally been able to sleep again this product truly is a Miracle and I highly would recommend it to anyone with sleep issues of any kind. You dont realize how important sleep is! It affects every aspect of your life so dont put it off any longer drop the dangerous medications and buy the fisher wallace! I know it seems expensive at first but after you use it for a few months it pays for itself for sure.

by Richard Dewayne Howard on Fisher Wallace
This is a God sent machine

I am a 52 year young bipolar man that believes in God and medication that suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. This machine has allowed me to feel non suicidal. I am down to 2 lorazapam a day and one antidepressant pritiq a day. I paid full price for my machine but this machine has been worth giving up anything financially to feel this much better. God blessings and love to the creator of this machine and for you all allowing it to be at a reasonable price even tho I had to charge mine it is worth any amount to feel like a human again. To be able to get up and get dressed. To be able to go to stores. To not cry all the time. This is a miracle machine. Love Richard

by Chiquita Bishop on Fisher Wallace
Such relief

I have suffered from depression for all of my adult life so when I saw an advertisement for this, I thought, what can it hurt? I really saw improvement going in to my second week. I caught myself dancing to some music I was hearing on the television!! My anti depressants did not seem to be working as they once did but I can tell a difference. It is a godsend.

by Dan on Fisher Wallace
Truly amazing
Video Review: Very informative

This has been an extraordinary journey. Through the use of homeopathic then medical doctors and RX nothing really helped in fact The RX journey was extensive and a terrible experience. I was very sceptical upon deciding to try this approach, however I experienced positive results in less than a week and continue as of now approximately three months in, I have an amazing positive result from depression. Unfortunately it has been in my family and this remarkable unit, that is not only FDA cleared but used by medical doctors and endorsed by hundreds of wwll known psychiatrists. I hope if you try this you fall into the 70% of people who have had recovered from this terrible affliction

by Tom Lawson on Fisher Wallace
Absolutely Worth It

In the spring of 2014, after a good deal of research, I decided to spend the money to purchase the Fisher-Wallace CES. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. I am an academic (history professor) and claims of amazing cures coming from running electricity through some part of your body seemed crazy, at best. Maybe even dangerous. But, the research confronted me with undeniable scientifically sound evidence that the Fisher-Wallace device was not only entirely safe, but that it really did exactly what it was promoted to do. After years (actually, decades) on medications ranging from Zoloft to Wellbutrin for periods of debilitating depression, I discovered something about as close to a miracle-cure as I ever expected to find. Keep in mind, though, the effects are subtle. And, it also doesn't have even a hint of the feeling you might have after taking a medication. For those reasons, the initial feeling is, "I don't think it's doing anything. But, hey, I did have a pretty good day. Probably just a coincidence." The "side effects" (read them) are so few and the risk is so minimal (try reading the potential risks on any of the medications you're taking if you want to see a real contrast), that I'd encourage anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even bi-polar issues to give this a try. The truth is that, ironically, it employs your brain's own natural actions and reactions. In that sense, it is less intrusive than taking medications to try and alter the brain's chemistry or actions. This spring will mark three years and I have recommended the Fisher-Wallace CES device to many I know who suffer from depression. I make it a habit not to endorse products - even if I use them. This is the exception because this product is life changing - maybe I'd call it life liberating.

by Jim Stahlman on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Over eight years and a half dozen antidepressants later I tried this device and I feel 100% normal. I'm on my fifth week with this device and it has been an absolute Godsend! Read thru all the reviews and you will get more tips on using this device. Best tip from me, if you're sensitive to medications stick with two lights. If you use four lights it can make you feel jittery/anxious. I'm on two and I feel great! If you're desperate this is the best move you'll make!

by Donna Anderson on Fisher Wallace
Great for depression. Hard to use for pain in my situation.

I purchased this product primarily for severe neuropathic pain in my fingers, hands and arms and also for depression. YOU MUST TRY THIS FOR DEPRESSION!! I have suffered with depression for my entire adult life. I have never tried any other drug, therapy, treatment, device, procedure that has produced an effect like this! I saw results after 1-2 treatments. I use it periodically for varying lengths of time. IT ALWAYS WORKS. It is DEFINITELY worth a try - you have nothing to lose! Regarding pain, for me, it has been a different story. It turns out it is very difficult to attach the electrodes to my fingers. I have been unable to use the stimulator effectively. Although disappointed regarding pain results, I feel I have been rewarded with the effect the stimulator had on my depression. Thank you so much. Don't hesitate to try - do it!

by Amy on Fisher Wallace

The stimulator has helped a fair amount. I also like that I can attach it to my knees for pain. It's very easy to travel with as it can be put through the x-Ray.

by Mark Mccallister on Fisher Wallace

After 3 years of severe illness, and long term medication use, i literally felt my brain switch on with the first use of this device. I had not realized how much the medications depressed my brain function. With continued use, I can feel it stabilizing my brain and calming it down from significant anxiety. Thank you for this device. Mark

by Sarah Mcleod on Fisher Wallace
Helped my 23 yr. old son

We were at our wits end when we found the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.Our son had been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 9 months. After the first week of use he started to feel a difference, less anxiety and depression after a month he was a different person. We are so happy with the results and will continue to use when ever needed. Well worth the price!

by Josee Woodward on Fisher Wallace
Pain Relief from NDP Headache

I highly recommend getting this device if you are suffering from headaches. My condition (going on 2 years now) is called NDPH (New Daily Persistent Headache) and is THE most treatment resistant form of headache disorder. It starts out of the blue, and the head pain, which can quite severe, never ends. It's 24/7 for years, often forever, as neuros are clueless about the cause or the cure. This device, which I use up to 3 times daily, gives me complete pain relief while worn. My cortisol levels also tested perfectly normal, which is pretty unusual considering the incredible stress of living with NDPH. I do feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in the design though. Kind of a dinosaur looking device considering the design possibilities of our modern world.

by Lee Richards on Fisher Wallace
Decreasing Medication and Improved Sleep

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for three months and I have been able to cut my use of Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL in half. I have used both medications for 20+ years and once I found the right combination of meds, I vowed to sustain the dose for the rest of my life. However, a supportive chiropractor and VA psychiatrist have assisted me with this process and I am hopeful to discontinue both medications in the next three months. Another benefit of the stimulator has been improved sleep and cessation of all sleep aids. I use the stimulator while I meditate 20 minutes twice daily. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I plan to recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to my clients. I am hopeful other people with anxiety, depression and panic attacks will have a similar positive outcomes. I know it was a great investment for my mental health and well being.

by Leslee Stephenson on Fisher Wallace

I am extremely sensitive to antidepressants - have been taking them on and off for years. I have been sleeping little lately, I received this unit 4 days ago. While the sleep benefit has not been felt yet, I am amazed by the relief of symptoms of depression, and anxiety already - I repeat I usually have very quick response with medications, but am sick of side effects of these medications and the hit and miss nature of how they work - This so far has been nothing less then miraculous! Stay tuned!! So thankful

by CSM on Fisher Wallace
Happy customer!

I am writing this review after using the device now for 9 days and I am already sharing the news with others. I have been so happy with the results thus far. I am feeling more like myself: calmer, focused, motivated, more relaxed and less anxious. I am hoping that the results continue to be this good for awhile.

by colleen on Fisher Wallace
life saver

ive battled with mental illness and the side effects from the pharmaceutical companies and I have had better results with the fisher wallace stimulator than any pill. worth every pennygreat product. revolutionary in the treatment of mental illness. thank you for saving my life.

My stimulator works!

I am a somewhat skeptical person and was not sure how the stimulator would work for me. I deal with significant pain and moderate depression. The device helps my medications work so much better. I have had depression and complex pain since 2005. Since starting therapy with the stimulator, I have experienced much better relief than otherwise. I recommend the stimulator for anyone dealing with chronic pain and depression.

by lenny abrams on Fisher Wallace

in an effort to stop taking Xanax, I thought I would give this a try. I was very skeptical. during the first two weeks of using the stimulator I kept cutting back more and more on my Xanax. after two weeks I stopped Xanax totally, which I never thought I could do. Now I find myself dreaming, which is something I have not done in a long time, Which I assume means I am in a deeper sleep. after almost 3 months of using the stimulator i'm totally convinced of its effectiveness. I wonder what I would do if it broke. Anyway that's my story, it works

by Douglas Wild on Fisher Wallace
Dealing With My Depression

I have suffered from clinical depression for most of my adult life. I have been in therapy for more than fifteen years, and I have tried most of the SSRI Anti-Depressant medications on the market, during that time, with marginally positive results; which is to say, that the meds plus therapy seemed to help prevent me from sinking into the depths of the depressive stupors that I had gotten used to. But still there was rarely any sense of real mood elevation. About a year ago I invested in the FW Stimulator and shortly after I began using it I noticed that I was experiencing with much more frequency a muted kind of elation. It wasn't dramatic, but it was noticeable. I've not used the Stimulator the suggested two times a day, but I am impressed that the change which has taken place has continued. My only complaint has to do with replacing the wire leads that run between the sponges and the unit. Mine had gotten caught on the corner of an end table and separated. The FW is a good unit.

by Reid Bohannon on Fisher Wallace
Review of Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I am a proud owner of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I was a huge skeptic of this prduct originally. The very first time I tryed it I had the mind set its a fake medical device. But when I was half way into my frist session I noticed a change in my temperment and stress level. So as still skeptical minded person who thinks its a placebo effect did the full two week trial open minded. It changed my life for the better it helped me with my anxiety and my chronic depression. I will say this I never tryed the pain relief method cause I don't have pain. That being said im a lifer in using this product I bring it every place I go cause it works. If im having a bad day and my anxiety and mood up zap for 20 minutes and it evens you out again. I do think that it should be hand in hand with medication when you get prescribe cause it helps that much. Its a no brainer when it comes to getting it or not getting it.

by Sheryl Ellis on Fisher Wallace
New user

I just started using the device about 1.5 weeks ago, so I am still in the first 30 days but I think it is starting to help a little. I am assuming the longer I use the more consistent results I will see! I definitely recommend trying it.

by Wendy on Fisher Wallace
I feel better on this than on antidepressants

I have struggled with chronic PTSD since childhood, and I took various antidepressants for more than 15 years. The antidepressants worked well on my symptoms, but the side effects were extremely bothersome. Even with hard-core exercise and monitoring my calories, I always gained weight on the meds, and lost it immediately when I stopped them. With the medications, I also had trouble focusing for long periods of time, which was a big problem with my career as a writer. I have been trying for three years to get off the meds completely, but the withdrawal symptoms were always worse than the depression/anxiety of PTSD; and my doctors kept telling me that I would probably always need to take antidepressants, or the PTSD symptoms would return.I found out about the Fisher Wallace stimulator by doing my own research on line, and I thought I would give it a try, since it is FDA approved and seems safe. I used it while following a very slow taper off the medication I was taking, and although I experienced some occasional withdrawal symptoms (most of them physical), these were nothing like the nightmare brain zaps, nausea, anxiety and irritability I had gone through before. I was able to finally get the drugs out of my system, and I continue to use the stimulator daily. I find that aside from a few days here and there, I feel much calmer, happier, and more focused than I ever did on medication -- plus the extra weight is steadily disappearing.I virtually never write product reviews, but I am incredibly thankful that I bought this device. It really does work, and without any side effects, so I wanted to comment about it and recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.

by Linda Steers on Fisher Wallace

I have had an interesting effect from using the Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator. I have been gradually losing my memory for years now. So it helped and one day I walked into my Dr's office when I hadn't used the machine for a couple days. She said. Why the difference in you? I said I didn't use the machine yesterday, etc. She said You get home and use that machine. I was also tested, and it proved electricity does run through the body. All I know is I have been so that I had no memory...I didn't know what I was doing... To put a long story short, NOW I HAVE A MEMORY AND IT FEELS SO GOOD. I can also think better. It also makes me so I can do things again. I have been under severe stress, and I can now do housework and function very well. I still have a way to go. But I will get there. It will take quite some time since I was very sick.Thank you Fisher Wallace.

by Linda Jane Steers on Fisher Wallace

I want to thank Fisher Wallace for the help I get from their machine. At first I wasn't taking the sponges out of the electrode caps to soak them which caused skin irritation. Also I was using the same sponges too often. I wrote them, and they told me how to handle it. I read over the section in the instruction manual that mentioned soaking the sponges, silly me. THIS MACHINE REALLY WORKS. It helps me get through the day. "The machine" as I call it really helps.

by Connie Baker on Fisher Wallace

I have found the FW Stimulator Device to be quite effective. You will have to use it twice daily to get the full benefits of it. I had to go to Level 3 after 3 weeks & that is really when I started seeing results. But I think you do have to use it for 3 full months before getting the full benefits of it. It has really helped me in so many ways. Worth the money!!!

by Jodi on Fisher Wallace

The Fisher Wallace stimulator has been an absolute miracle for my 22 year old son! He's been challenged with a yet to be fully diagnosed condition for the past three years. He went from being an outgoing, motivated and intelligent young man to a lethargic, quiet person who had to drop out of college because his cognitive abilities were impacted greatly. Psychiatrists have thought it was possibly depression, anxiety or the beginning stages of schizophrenia. He's been on many different combinations of meds, with little effect. After six weeks using this device twice a day (and no recent change in meds) I have seen a transformation I thought I'd never see. It's happening slowly but surely and at a Labor Day party the other day I saw him interacting with his cousins and even smiling and laughing (I hadn't heard his laughter in quite a while until recently). He's definitely more motivated and engaged and has even decided to go back to college. I know it's still early in the journey, but I feel like I have my son back. I can't recommend this product enough. This is the only variable that has changed in the last six weeks for him, and I'm sure it's the reason for his miracle (he thinks so too). I know each situation is different, but it is definitely worth a try and is the best $700 I've ever spent in my life!! Thank you so much!

by Gary Knutson on Fisher Wallace
Two Fishers Now

After us both using the Stimulator for a few months with great results (my memory and my wife's depression) she had to go for an extended visit to assist her aging mother. After a very short time without the simulator (I kept it with me), she wanted one of her own. We are now both doing much better than before the Fisher unit(s) arrived!

by Barby on Fisher Wallace
Feeling happy and energetic

Thank you Fisher Wallace for my device!! I have suffered with depression for 18yrs . I have been on and off of mainly Celexa medication since. I was feeling like I needed an increase in dosage , but I was at the highest dosage I could be on and I didn't want an added medication . I heard about the Fisher Wallace device online and ordered it. I am so happy I did !! No new meds for me. After about a week and a half I was feeling back to my old self!! I felt happy again , had more energy and was more motivated !!Thank you again !!

by Margery Dignan on Fisher Wallace

I've used the fisher Wallace stimulator for many months now it is a pleasure to use. It has become the one habit I never break because it has made such a huge difference in my mood and general outlookI no longer need antidepressants or anti anxiety Meds.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace
It worked when nothing else had!

I've battled depression off and on for my entire adult life and most of my teen years. I found some relief with medication and therapy, but I never felt like I was fully out of the "dark hole" that is depression. I saw an ad banner about the FWS and at first I thought it must be too good to be true! How could no one know about this if it's been around so long? I read about previous patient experiences and since I knew I could get my money back if it didn't work, I felt confident to at least try it. I started out on level 2 for 2 weeks as it suggested and felt a slight improvement but nothing major so I went to level 3. I then started getting really bad anxiety, which is something I don't normally expereience. I thought the machine wasn't working for me until someone at customer service said the machine can sometimes overstimulate people, so I tried going down to level 1. At that point my 30 day return period was almost up, but FW was happy to extend me time an additional 2-4 weeks! After a few weeks of consistent use at level 1 twice a day, I felt a difference I haven't felt in years! I felt happy for no reason! I wasn't overwhelmed by the normal stresses of life because I finally had some normal brain chemistry. It also has helped my other medications work better and made a difference in my chronic pain. I had a hard time paying the high price tag, but now I know it's more than worth it to have my life back!!!

by Kevin on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety & Insomnia

I have used the device for about 4 yrs. it has changed my life, anxiety under control and sleep now! I now am able to recognize anxiety in others and recommend the device to them. My assistent at work has a daughter that is bi polar, I have mentioned that it may help. Great product with no side effects!

by Donna Moore on Fisher Wallace
Stimulator works

I have had this for over a year now. I use it and feel better and then forget I have it until I start becoming depressed again or I stumble upon it. When I use it and turn it up too high it does become irritating at my temples. Its not so much painful as it is irritating and I want to hurry the session along. I am so glad I have this. It should be good for life. I cant imagine it ever becoming irrelivent. So glad my chiropractor took the time to help me get this. The only other tbing that bugs me is the strap that comes with the headband. I am always fighting with the pads popping out of the headband because its not wide enough to hold it in place. Other than these minor issues this is a good product.

by iva on Fisher Wallace
Great Product!

I was suicidally depressed for almost a year. Hospitalized 4 times in a 5 month period. Finally I gave up on the antidepressants as I found that they were making me more depressed. I went to a 30 day residential treatment program for anxiety and depression. During that time I used my Fisher Wallace device every night. I can happily say that now, a month later I feel more and more positive each day. The suicidal thoughts finally disappeared after 3 weeks of nightly use. I feel like I got my life back. I was dealing with chronic pain as well and now I feel it is well managed. I do take some pain meds but they work much better now that I am in a different mind space. Before, no pain meds worked at all. I am so thankful for finding this product. It literally saved my life.

by Kevin Horn on Fisher Wallace
Anxiety, Insomnia

I have used the device for about 4 yrs. Anxiety and depression run in my family. I have a number of cousins with bipolar issues. I was using Prozac for a few months and didn't like the side effects. I found the Fisher Wallace website, read the information and felt like there was no downside to trying it. It has saved my life, I use it every morning on level 4. My anxiety is gone, and I have very little insomnia. I mention the device at least once a week to people I meet that mention they have depression or insomnia.

by Rachel on Fisher Wallace
Getting a good nights sleep

I bought the FW stimulator over a year ago and didn't have enough time to do two sessions per day. Now this summer I have been using it going on 3 weeks and have actually begun to feel sleepy again on my own without the aid of sleeping pills. Looking forward to being without meds with the use of this device.

by Lisa Roderick on Fisher Wallace
Our Miracle

I can't say enough about this wonderful device. I use it for insomnia. My son uses it for depression/anxiety. He was unable to work due to his bipolar and social anxiety. He is now once again able to work full time and is med free! He even received a promotion. But best of all, he is happy again, and I am sleeping.

by LaDonna Hohlstein on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the FWS for about ten months. I have mood disorder, anxiety/insomnia. It has helped my mood disorder/ anxiety considerably. I have been able to lower my medication more than half. I struggle a lot with insomnia, however have not used stimulator as directed. I will try to use the stimulator 20min twice a day to see if I can make some progress. I would definitely recommend the FWS to those who want to lessen using medications.

by Elizabeth Miller on Fisher Wallace
Depression and Anxiety

I had been on medication for over 15 years. I could not function without it. I then had TMS which helped me get off medication but I found after my treatments were over my depression and anxiety was returning. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for more TMS treatments my doctor suggested this device that I could use in my home when I needed it. I LOVE IT!!! It feels so good to not take medication and still be able to function. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

by Barbara Engelhardt on Fisher Wallace
thanks for a good night of sleep
Video Review: 5153 Floyd Street, Covington, GA 30014

I am 75 years old, and in very good health. I began a few months ago sleeping only 2 to 4 hours a night. I was dragging through the day, and realized this lack of sleep was beginning to affect my over all health. Tried all the natural remedies, no result. Resorted to prescription remedies, no help. I had read about the Fisher Wallace, and began using it. Within a week I began to notice a difference. Now I am sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night, and feeling great! Thanks Fisher Wallace.

by Anonymous on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about a month and a half now, twice daily. It is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. The staff is also great- readily available and quickly answers any questions you may have. I am starting to feel the insomnia improving, as well as mood. It is hard to tell if it is the Fisher Wallace Stimulator or medication I am on, but I am going to keep at it because it is so easy to use and preferable to medication! I especially like that it can be clipped to your clothes, allowing you to move about.

by Dee Heglie on Fisher Wallace

This treatment has saved my sanity. In addition, my teen uses it for her anxiety with good results and no need for medication. Well done!

by Neal Ann Werner on Fisher Wallace
It's a Miracle Device!

This device has so made me feel amazing! Filled with anxiety and experiencing depression for so long I now am anxiety and depression-free. It's a miracle! I have my life back. I am spreading the word!

by George Scripture on Fisher Wallace
Therapeutic Tool

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I have a wife that suffers from depression. When she consistently uses the Fisher Wallace device, she notices that she feels better. The key is to be consistent. I have also recommended the device to my clients that are experiencing depression and do not want to take medication. I have also used it on a pain in my back. It also worked to lessen the my back pain.

by Judith Shuman on Fisher Wallace
The Dark Cloud is Gone!

The dark cloud of panic, anxiety, depression and insomnia is gone from my life!For the past 17 years I have attempted to find a way to manage my neuro-chemical imbalance with medication, therapy, supplements, meditation, prayer, tapping and exercise just to name a few. Nothing provided the relief, peace and balance I desperately needed. Anxiety, worry and restlessness made it almost impossible for me concentrate or to sit for more than 30 min. I constantly had the feeling that I needed to get up, walk around and move just to keep breathing.Then I saw the ad for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in the corner of a webpage. I must admit I was skeptical when I placed my order but with the money back guarantee, what did I have to lose?I am thrilled with my response to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. The anxiety, worry and panic that kept me on edge are 95% improved. Even when I get an anxious feeling I am able to take charge of my thoughts and turn away from the fear that would normally grip me. I feel better about myself and it's much easier see the glass half full. I've been using the device twice daily for 3 months. The changes were subtle with exception of improving my sleep. After using the device for 2 days my sleep improved dramatically.I am doing so well that I am slowly tapering off my antidepressant / anxiety medication with no problems. In the past, trying to come off my meds would elicit "are you off your meds" remarks from my staff!I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to anyone seeking a proven method for successfully treating anxiety, panic and depression. I am grateful to have my life back again!Sincerely,Judith Shuman, RNPS- When my device arrived at my office my staff got quite a laugh at the "stimulator" I had ordered. When they saw the electrodes and sponges that needed to be wet, they reminded me of the movie "The Green Mile" and what happened to "Eduard Delacroix" when the sponge was not wet!! We now call my Fisher Wallace stimulator my "green mile" machine!

by Janet Hash on Fisher Wallace
Works for me

My Fisher Wallace stimulator has definitely helped me cope with depression. Medications have not been very effective for me, but when I use my Fisher Wallace stimulator consistently it does make me feel better.

by Angelica Solis on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Results!

the stimulator has been very helpful to my father who has parkinson's disease in an advanced stage. He was not able to sleep at all at night and now he sleeps at least seven hours straigh every night and he has improved his health in general. Now he speaks better, he doesn't complain about not been able to swallow his food and he is is walking a lot better than before he started to using it. It is like a miracle!!!

by LVMH on Fisher Wallace
Truly Thankful

Happy to say I am sleeping at last! I tried this as sleep medication was not possible for me to take. They had a paradoxical effect. I was miserable. Turned out to be the best money spent!

by Debra on Fisher Wallace

My autistic son fell ill 3 years ago and the cause has yet to be determined but he is suffering my catatonia symptoms. I believe it has helped with his anxiety and depression and although I have not seen a dramatic improvement, I believe it is helping and has a calming affect on him. I use it regularly and it seems to help.

by Amy on Fisher Wallace
Good for helping pain

I use the fisher wallace unit for pain and for anxiety. I notice a difference if I don't use it in my anxiety. It's nice to be able to spot treat my knees or wrists if they flair up--always nice to have an extra tool for pain.

by Roul on Fisher Wallace
Some help

Using the device for a little over two weeks now. It seems to help with my headaches. Although no significant changes noted I like using the device. Continuing to use with the hope that it will help lift my depression.

by Marina Fato on Fisher Wallace
It is Worth a try!

I do not usually do reviews, however, I found doing this one to be important... When most meds do not work or have some terrible side effects, what else is there? The Fisher Wallace device is a great option. The unit is small and very easy to use! I found that it provided relief from my symptoms. The biggest thing for me was to try and do it every day and at fixed times and intervals. This seemed to provide the best relief and most benefit. When I missed sessions or varied the time between the sessions, it was difficuly for me to get the same results. Overall, you should try the device! You have nothing to lose and much to gain if it helps you! I hope it does!

by Stacy on Fisher Wallace
Helped with OCD and Anxiety

I've been using the Fisher Wallace as needed for about a year as suggested by my doctor. I wanted to find non-chemical ways of treating OCD and anxiety so that I could become pregnant without taking an SSRI. I first cleared this with my OBGYN also who fully agreed with my psychologist that this method of treatment would be absolutely safe for me and a baby. I found that after a week or so my anxiety lessened somewhat and continued to stay at bay except for one episode for the first few months. Symptoms improved and I now use it as needed. It hasn't completely eliminated my anxiety but I have noticed a difference and I am definitely glad I decided to purchase it. I also walked 30min 4 or 5 times per week which I believe may have also contributed to keeping anxiety down. I liked that I could wear it almost any time at home or even in the car if I was short on time in the morning (I have long hair so it was barely noticeable). I did notice flashing and a pulsing feeling when I had it turned up higher, as the directions say can happen, but this was not uncomfortable, just something I noticed. I was also able to take it on international flights in my hand luggage without question from TSA. I would recommend giving this a try if you have anxiety. With the money back guarantee there's really nothing to lose!

by Janet Leonard on Fisher Wallace
Seems helpful for anxiety/depression

I find that when I use the stimulator twice a day for 20 minute sessions, it seems to improve my mood and anxiety.I am still on my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications and am not at a place where I feel this could replace them, but it is definitely a helpful tool to add that worked well enough for me to not request my $600 back.It seems to make me more talkative and more sociable and willing to go places and also I have been able to take less PRN (as needed) anxiety meds.I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression.

by Alexandra on Fisher Wallace
Great for Anxiety

I purchased the Fisher Wallace Stimulator in 2014 and have been using it ever since. I have found that this device really helps lessen my anxiety and I was even able to lower the dose of my medication as a result.

by Enrique Kuperman on Fisher Wallace

Since I use Fisher Wallace stimulator I have experienced a diminishing grade of anxiety and increase in feelings of tranquility and well being .

by Angela Vialoux on Fisher Wallace
Excellent device

I have found this device to be genuinely helpful in addressing both my sleep dosorder and my depression. It has really helped my overall mood and energy level.

by Johnathon on Fisher Wallace
Only device of its kind

The best alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for insomnia and depression.

by Beth on Fisher Wallace
Chronic insomnia aid

I am grateful for the benefits of the FW stimulator. It definitely helps me stay asleep longer and facilitates a deeper sleep state. In turn, I have less anxiety and FATIGUE. Thank you FW!

by Cindy Greeley on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia relief 'finally' !!

I have been using the stimulator for two weeks now. First, I will say that it is so very easy to use. Anyone can do it!! After about the 4th night of use I could tell my sleep was starting to improve, hooray!! Before using the device, my sleep was a constant 'tossing and turning", waking up and my mind becoming 'very awake' thinking of all my life issues at 3am, etc. I can honestly say that sleep pattern has changed for the better! If I do wake up and roll over, I DO NOT 'stay' awake, I fall right back to sleep and sometimes only wake up when the alarm goes off. I no longer dread going to sleep, because I know I will not toss and turn. I now am getting a sounder type sleep and I couldn't be more pleased!! I will also add that it seems to of helped me have a much calmer approach at dealing with stress. I do not take any kind of medication for anything...medications actually scare me and the side effects. The fact that I can use this device and have results 'without' meds is a life changer. Thank you Fisher Wallace for putting this on the market. The results will speak for themselves.

by H. Jaworski on Fisher Wallace
There Is Hope!

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for over a year now to help with long term depression symptoms. I have found that I feel lighter and more positive with regular use of the machine. I now have hope for a bright future, where I used to feel dragged down and hopeless most of the time. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering from depression; real help without the side effects of medication!

by Holly Cabell on Fisher Wallace
Focussing Now!

I am 72 years old. I’ve had my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for a little over a month. I got it because I was depressed and didn’t want the side effects including numbing of my emotions/energy. I was also obsessing and sleeping poorly. I felt my life was out of control; there were too many things to do. In the past I had been able to bring reality to my life by consolidating all the small pieces of paper with TO DOs onto one piece of paper. I was so stressed I was unable to do this.When I got the Stimulator I immediately slept longer; instead of waking at 3am, it was 3:30am then 4:00am but seems to have stabilized at 5:00am. When I wake then I put the Stimulator on and do my morning 20 minutes while lying back down. Most times I fall back to sleep; not like I have taken a sleeping pill, just relaxing into sleep. Sometimes I am in half-sleep but relaxed until the alarm goes off.I am still using the Stimulator twice a day; both times while lying down with sleep after.Reality without obsessing came quickly after I began use. In a couple of weeks I was able to face the things on my TO DO lists and accomplish them without stress. This ability to focus is what makes me happiest about the benefits of the Stimulator. Seeing things realistically and being able to address the things that need doing by setting proper priorities and focus means I’m not depressed.I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

by Nancy Davis on Fisher Wallace
Definitely something to consider

As a mental health counselor and someone who has personally suffered from depression and anxiety for the better part of my life, I can honestly say this has been the best solution to my challenges and something I am recommending to my clients regularly now! I was skeptical. I was unsure. But with the money back guarantee and after reading all the science behind the product I just felt I had nothing to lose. I tried it for two weeks and felt better! Then went on vacation and became very ill and stopped using it completely for three weeks while I was gravely ill. As I tried to heal from my other illnesses I decided I needed to get back to using the FW device and have been pleasantly surprised at how much better my overall health has been in the last 5 days of daily use. This truly is a miracle in my life and has been the push I have needed to begin my journey toward overall better health and moving away from So many medications. What a blessing in my life and I am so thankful I will be able to share this with my clients who look to me for alternatives from medicine when it comes to treating depression and anxiety!

by Annette Mastrogianni on Fisher Wallace
Helped Some

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator was prescribed to me for two purposes: Trigeminal Neuralgia and Anxiety. It was effective for my Trigeminal Neuralgia but did nothing for anxiety. I continue to use it as my neuraliga goes in and out of remission.

by Mackenzie Allen on Fisher Wallace
A Big Help!!

I have been using the device for about five weeks. While it has not completely taken away my anxiety and depression, it has helped a lot! I am sleeping more deeply, not needing afternoon naps, and have discontinued my depression meds, although I do still take anxiety meds. With the thirty day free trial I don't understand why anyone would not give this a try. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

by Abby on Fisher Wallace
Changing the Face of Depression
Video Review:

I went through TMS and two year later I begun feeling and seeing signs I never wanted to come back. I purchased the Fisher Wallace device and it has given be the same results as when I went through TMS without spending $10,000. It has truly not only changed my life but saved my life.

by DeeDee Chang on Fisher Wallace
All in the Family

I learned about the Fisher Wallace Stimulator while on my journey to help my son with his depression. He didn't want to take medication, yet he needed to get out of his funk, so I purchased one for him. Within a few weeks his mood lifted. Now he uses it when he notices his mood going low.I know there is science behind what it does, but all I know is that is works! I then purchased one for me since I suffer from depression also. The change in mood is gradual. There are no side effects, i.e. dull affect or weight gain, etc. I highly recommend trying the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. It's easy to use and takes just 20 minutes a day.

by Peter Kitinski on Fisher Wallace
Works great!

We have been using the Fisher Wallace for over a year and has helped improve our mothers mental condition. A definite recommendation!

by Beth Sims on Fisher Wallace
Faithful user!

The FW stimulator has been effective in inducing a better quality of sleep and longer durations of sleep for me. I have used it every night for about 8 months but find it most helpful when used twice daily. Better sleep translates to more energy and happier mood. Thank you, Fisher Wallace!

by Patti on Fisher Wallace
Works Great for my Symptoms

I have suffered from severe anxiety my entire life. About 20 years ago, my Dr. put me on Klonopin 1mg (3×/day). They are somewhat effective, but nothing compared to the FW Stimulator! I can honestly say that my anxiety is nonexistent after I used this device daily for 20 minutes. I have also been in an incredibly good mood! I am now using it to help kick the Klonopin, because I no longer need 3mg/day.I would highly recommend this device to anyone who suffers from pain, depression, anxiety, or the other conditions mentioned to be helped by the FW Stimulator. And with a money back guarantee, how could you not try it... No more excuses! Try this and get your life back!

by Adele on Fisher Wallace

I used the FW stimulator for chronic insomnia. It's portability is especially useful. I took it with me in my carry-on bag along with a copy of the prescription and instruction sheet. I had no problems getting through security. It helps when used consistently.

by Victor Zurbel on Fisher Wallace
Cured 20 year Ambient addiction

I have been Ambient dependent for sleep for 20 years.After about a week of using Fisher Wallace Stim, I was able to fall asleep without meds. Also, it has helped me overcome winter depression and malaise as well as anxiety. I also use supplements such as glysine, inositol, L-theanine, GABA, 5HTP, ashwaganda, which also contributes to insomnia, depression and anxiety. The device may be a placebo, but if so, a good one.

by Sue Smolinski on Fisher Wallace
Blue Cross covers half.

I had been in depression for 12 years, and in counseling for as long. I got off of Lexapro (about 9yrs) in Aug 2014. It was very scary as I kept sliding back into the same feelings of helplessness. After using the FW stimulator for a month I became more confident of moving fully out of depression, and hope began to dawn. I am fully recovered now, but will say that it is important to have something to replace the fear that keeps one in depression. The patterns are so deeply ingrained that you revert to them automatically otherwise.

by Pat Sullivan on Fisher Wallace
5 years later

More than 5 years of daily support from my Fisher Wallace Brain Stimulator and I continue to feel that it minimizes depression, supports brain health and helps me cope with the symptoms of Parkinsons. It continues to be a real help and I highly recommend it.

by Margaret Brown on Fisher Wallace
Best ever

I have been suffering from a tramatic deppresive issue and I suffer frominsomnia. My therapist reccomended the FW and I have had great results. My husband has been diagnosted with PTSD and he has also began using the FW and is sleeping more hours in a night. Our success with the FW has been amazing. Thank you

by Joe Hayes on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I've been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about one year. I ordered it to help me get of of anti-anxiety/depressants which I have been on for years. I tried it for several weeks. and felt a little better but it was not enough to completely replace the medications. However the device did help to significantly lower the presribed dose of medication. I will continue to use this device.

by Chris D on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I have gained significant relief from depression and anxiety since using the device. I highly recommend it.

by Fran on Fisher Wallace
Thankyou fisher wallace

An ems machine thru my therapist helped me get get my life back. Years of severe depression and anxiety with a cacophany of pain and anti anxiety meds kept me in a downward spiral. A year in a tms chair turned everything around for me. When it was no longer available to me i was at a loss. When i found this ems unit i could own and use at home at my discretion has helped me contiue forward. No meds no side effects. This is an awesome unit and i just want to say thankyou fisher wallace.

by Burt Rozman on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I have used the Fisher Wallace device for 2 months now and I feel better! I am sleeping better and feel happier! My coworkers have noticed a change in me and I now feel like I used to many years ago. I am still taking my prescribed antidepressant medication but I have not had to up the dosage. The Fisher Wallace gives me that extra boost that I need to function at a 100%. In addition, my daughter is seeing results too!

by Tom Lawson on Fisher Wallace
I Researched, I Purchased, I Benefited

A little over two years ago, and only after spending hours in research (I'm a university professor so it's wired into my DNA), I purchased the Fisher-Wallace device. Prior to that I had been on Wellbutrin, and before that on Zoloft, for more than 20 years. My family background includes a clear history of both academic giftedness and serious struggles with depression. My mother underwent involuntary institutionalization on two separate occasions. There is no way to hide the fact that I was very skeptical. The whole notion of putting electrodes on the side of your head seemed only marginally removed from con-men selling snake-oil remedies to hapless pioneers. But, as I already noted, I poured hours into researching valid, unbiased studies and published results.Now, more than two years have passed. Within days of starting daily use of the Fisher-Wallace device, with the knowledge of my primary care physician, I discontinued all medication. The impact is subtle (hard to explain - but it is not like taking a new medication). For the first few days it was like thinking, "OK, I don't think this is doing anything at all. But, I did have a pretty good day. I'll keep it up and see." That's how it felt. And yet, within a week or two, it was obvious my long descents into almost-paralyzing depression were not there. That ever-present gnawing sense of a coming time of depression (even on days when I felt more-or-less OK) I had lived with for years was either gone, or was so diminished that it might as well have been gone.Two years later and the results have continued - now to the point that feeling "normal" has become normal (I cannot stress how amazing this is for me). I have encouraged my adult children, who also struggle in battling depression, to obtain the devices (which they have and all use regularly).I know I read "testimonials" with more than a small amount of skepticism. A combination of gullibility and the so-called "placebo-effect" means that it is not that difficult to find people ready to share enthusiastic "this-changed-my-life" stories about products that make unsubstantiated claims and offer little genuine benefit. I can only say that this is simply not the case with the Fisher-Wallace stimulator.There is nothing I have found, no product, no medication, no exercise or exposure to sunlight or whatever, that has been as effective, as free of any negative side effects, or as remarkable in its impact on my day to day as this little device.

by Marlene on Fisher Wallace
It works!!!

I have had the misfortune of depression, anxiety and insomnia since the onset of menopause. After seeing this device on Facebook for several months months and finally deciding my mental state was more important than my money I ordered the device. I tried the device upon receipt. To my great surprise I experienced a relaxing of tightness in my chest as soon as I turned on the device . I had no idea the tightness was there. Began sleeping better after about a week, anxiety attacks went away, and finally the depression lifted. I am not totally free from my symptoms all the time but I am so much better than I have been in years that I am considering purchasing another device as a back up. Wish I could afford to purchase several as I know many friends and family who could use one but can't afford one. Thank you Fisher Wallace for all your efforts in helping and making available this invaluable device.

by Mary Lynagh on Fisher Wallace

I have been using the Stimulator for over a year for sleep deprivation and I am so happy with it as there is no need for sleeping tablets. I use it twice daily leaving a six hour gap between usage and its working a dream. Mary Lynagh

by Carolyn Perreau on Fisher Wallace
Very pleased

I purchased the stimulator to help with insomnia. It started working very quickly after using it. Sleep meds cause such side effects it really is a blessing to be off them. Thank you

saved my sleep

I was very skeptical, but desperate for a good night's sleep. So I dipped into my savings and never looked back. I don't know how this thing does it, but it gets me to fall asleep every night, at a normal hour, and I wake up ready to go. It's also helped with my depression. I highly recommend trying this thing!

by MaryEllen Svaren on Fisher Wallace
I was shocked!

I suffer from both SAD and serious insomnia. I thought, well, what can it hurt? In other words, I ordered it thinking it might work and big deal, if it didn't. It seems a little "out there" but I'm happy to report that it has helped me sleep through the night.

by Gary Martin on Fisher Wallace
So far so good

Recently i have had a severe issue with anxiety and depression. I have worked with physicians that have made the Fisher Wallace a standard of care in their practice. Having seen the benefits, I recently started to use the device. It has made a noticable improvement. I have made it part of my daily routine. It has helped not only with my depression, but has also had an impact on my ability to sleep.

by Pat Taylor on Fisher Wallace
Life Saver

I purchased the Fisher Wallace stimulator for insomnia and depression. That was in November 2015. I was surprised at how much it improved the quality of my sleep. I actually sleep more deeply. I tried an experiment recently of using it only once a day. What I found is that I slept but felt half awake most of the night. I let that go on for 3 days and resumed using it twice a day. It really does help with sleep. My depression has also improved, not gone, but less. I am more willing and able to do things that help me such as regular exercise, eating better, socializing. I don't get the urge as often anymore to hide in my house and avoid people. I appreciate that I do not have to take drugs for either problem and since I am a recovering alcoholic that is essential.

by David Dowling on Fisher Wallace
Sleep improved

After 3 weeks my sleep pattern has changed greatly. I am now able to sleep through the night for the most part. If I wake up to use the bathroom, I can fall asleep again as opposed to before. I continue to use it every night before bed and hope that the progress continues.

by Elizabeth B on Fisher Wallace
Entire family uses

I have a son on the Autism Spectrum who has trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. He tells me the Fisher Wallace calms his brain and helps him sleep better. We have noticed he is sleeping deeper and longer. This helps him be calmer and more focused during the day. My other son can be anxious and was affected by SAD over the winter months. Wearing the device before bed each night helped him calm down and go to sleep. He was calmer/ less anxious during the day too. Now that summer is almost here he says he doesn't need it (days are longer/more sunshine) and is in good spirits. We will put it back to use for him come fall. I have used the device myself, initially to show my kids it wouldn't fry their brains ! and found it to have a very calming, relaxing effect. Both my husband and I use it when stress may get in the way of a good nights sleep. I was initially intimidated by the price, as my insurance would not cover any part of it or put the price towards my deductible. I was motivated by the possibility of a non-drug therapy helping my children; and it has. The assurance that if it didn't work we could get a full refund prompted me to order one; after several inquiries via e-mail about use for kids and other questions. I am pleased with this product; very easy to use and works for our family.

by Sandy on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Results

My son has been using the Wallace Stimulator for a couple of years, and is very pleased with the results. It helps with sleep, anxiety and depression. Does not need to use on a daily basis anymore. Thanks for developing an excellent product.

by Chris Breese on Fisher Wallace
Works for me!

I have used the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for 8 weeks now and I feel like it has helped me. The first 2 weeks I used it twice a day for 20 minutes at level 2. I felt like it was helping but not enough so I went to level 4 twice a day for 20 minutes. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and have been on different medications to help. In 2015 I was at my lowest point due to my job and the stress that came with it. I had no desire to go anywhere or do anything. Since I started the FW device I slowly got better and I'm now able to look forward to doing things and I even went away and had a great time! At this point I'm hoping to try going off my medication so I don't have to deal with the side effects. If that happens then I would change my rating to 5 stars!

by Mark on Fisher Wallace
Really helps!

Sleeping much better and feeling better. Looking for years for solution, tried dozens of products...this one works well.

by Melissa Cederquist on Fisher Wallace
Excellent Tool for Anxiety and Medication Withdrawal Therapy

I originally bought the Fisher Wallace because I was/am going through the withdrawal process after being prescribed Ativan for a year and a half (which is not the proper prescription process). My anxiety and panic issues were through the roof. I was willing to try anything to feel better and get my life back - I couldn't even go to work! I first ordered the Fisher Wallace to get some relief from my symptoms so I could relax. I did the 20 minutes a day, twice a day regimen at first - I could definitely tell that it was helping within the first week. I felt calmer and looked forward to my treatment time every day. After about 3 weeks I went to 30 minutes, twice a day, for my treatment. Now I am well on my way to recovery from my 'accidental addiction' and the FW has been an excellent tool for this. I have recommended this to my family as well, not just for anxiety but also for physical therapy aid needs. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Betty F. TATE on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

After life-long depression and a mountain of anti-depressants, I found this FW Device really helps me. I hsve had ECT which does help a lot, but the side effects are severe - memory loss, disorientation, etc. This FW Device does the same thing without any side effectd, and it reduces my insomnia.

by Robert McCarthy on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I have used the Stimulator for a 7 weeksto help with insomnia. It has been a success as I cut down my nighttime wake ups and decreased my melatonin. I also do not worry about it affecting other prescriptive drugs. I do not know the long term effectiveness but am confident it will continue to work.

by Mary Anne McCarthy on Fisher Wallace
Sleep Improved

I have just started using the Fisher Wallace device. In the first two weeks, I have noticed improvement in the quality of my sleep. Both falling asleep faster, and easier. I hope to see more progress, and more results as I move forward with the device. I was impressed with the quick impact on my sleep and was pleased with its ease of use and care. I would be comfortable recommending this product.

by Leighann on Fisher Wallace

I've been using the FW device to treat my anxiety and panic attacks for almost two weeks now. As its too soon to tell if it will get me to the point I wish to be at, I have noticed slight changes in my mood and overall anxiety. I know have the motivation to try to fight my anxiety head on and have found myself laughing and smiling more. Even though my panic attacks and almost being house bound is still here, I will still give it four stars because of the excellent customer service, and because of all the lives this device has improved. I hope in the next 1-3 weeks I will notice a much bigger difference than what I'm seeing now. I will update my review when/if that happens.

by James Mosier on Fisher Wallace
Great product

The device has been a great alternative to using anti-depressants for me. Love the sensation of using it, a mild tingling and fell more relaxed and calm after several days of using. Only need to use every couple of weeks now. Very good quality product.

by Roger Burmaster on Fisher Wallace

This has helped me with my insomnia more than the 3 medicines that I have been on for 7 years. I use it 2 times every day and if it ever broke I would buy another one right away

by Diane M. Brown on Fisher Wallace
Answer to Prayer

I have suffered from insomnia for many years now, and have tried numerous remedies, lotions and potions and as a result I did not expect to receive success from this device. It sounded too good to be true. But truly this has been an answer to my prayer as I am no longer waking in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep. I have used this for several months now and can feel confident to submit this review to say this device works as advertised. If your insomnia is lyme related and have tried everything out there, I suggest you give this a try.

by Dale Knight on Fisher Wallace
Good Results

I'm 70 years old, I've had depression since childhood. The last 20 years I'vetried antidepressants and even ECT ( electric shock therapy ), none reallyworked that well. I started the FWS on 12-2014, and after the first monthI noticed a difference in my depression, it was a lot better, and I still useit twice a day. It doesn't seem to help with my insomnia, but it does help,a lot, with my depression. Thank you for the FWS.

by Don on Fisher Wallace
Alternative to pills!

Stress in my life made it difficult to turn off the "noise in my head" when I needed sleep. After a few days of using the FWStimulator, I felt better able to deal with the challenges causing my stress and sleep came so much easier. I look forward to each session! I use the FW stimulator 2-4 times a week and it's never a burden because I can listen to music or read during the session. Great tool!

by Jen K. on Fisher Wallace
Amazing Product

I have battled depression most of my life, this is really an amazing product. Over my relatively short lifetime I have "failed" almost every drug on the market, this has literally given me my life back. My drug dosages are getting smaller and yet I still feel good, sleep better and find myself using much less anti-anxiety medication.

by Jay on Fisher Wallace
Eye Pain

I have been using FW for 6 years and it works for me. I have corneal neuralgia and has made my life a little easier. Hope this helps for you!

by Kelleah Metzger on Fisher Wallace

I am my Drs first patron with chronic major depression to try this product. I used it for two weeks twice a day at a setting of 2, and didn't notice a change. So, I per instructions increased my level to 4 and after about five days have finally noticed an improvement in my mood and I have better sleep. I wanted to try this because of an insurance change that occurred in January. The price of one of my meds went up to $556 per month for the generic, and I have used it for several years. So I am feeling hopeful now that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator will continue to work well and easily replace my "missing " medicine.

by Bill Burkard on Fisher Wallace

It devise has help in many way when travel it great for sleeping

by Roger burmaster on Fisher Wallace
Insomnia cured

Thanks to a friend who uses the stimulator I have had my insomnia cured. I use it twice everyday and now I sleep with no medication. It doesn't bother me to wear it even in public. I recommend it for anyone who has trouble sleeping.

by Meredith Snow on Fisher Wallace
It works when anti-depressants aren't enough

The stimulator has helped where anti-depressants have not. I still take anti-depressants which help to a degree, but the stimulator has effectively brought me to a place where I can start working on a better life. I am grateful to have found it. I would still be struggling simply to live my life, now I can actively work to make it a better, more fulfilling life.

by Melanie Wade on Fisher Wallace
highly recommend!

I wish that I had known about this device years ago, but especially a couple years ago when trying to taper off a benzodiazepine prescribed for severe sleep issues that also caused severe anxiety. I began to experience greatly disturbed sleep at age 50 when going through perimenopause. I averaged 2 1/2-3 hours of interrupted sleep and tried to function that way for several years. During that time, I could find zero help in altering diet, using every natural known remedy known to man. I was truly beside myself and anyone who has experienced long-term insomnia knows why indeed it is used as a means of torture. Not knowing what else to do, I turned to 'modern pharmacology' in order to sleep again and thus began a journey that wound up ultimately as one of the hardest challenges of my life. Getting off these meds is nothing short of a nightmare, and I totally understand the desperation of those who feel unable to endure the severe and protracted withdrawal that follows the end of tapering. I will not go into the terrible details here, but suffice to say that it has been a most dreadful two years to get off the meds and get through the protracted withdrawal syndrome - I would like to say right here and now that if you are reading this and contemplating taking any of these drugs, I put up a huge cautionary red flag - and I urge you to try the Fisher Wallace device instead. The meds left me in worse shape than before, which was the worst shock of my life. They have so altered my central nervous system, dopamine levels (I looked exactly like a Parkinson's patient for several months after my taper), and shut down my GABA receptors that the insomnia came back with a vengeance. When I reached the point of only one hour of agitated sleep per night and felt like I would lose my mind, my husband began to do research and stumbled upon this site. The Fisher Wallace has been a God-send for me. It took about a good month to feel anything and I took it up to level 3 or 4 during the 3rd/4th weeks....and then the miraculous began to happen. I began to sleep 3 hours...then I average about 5-6. For someone who has suffered enormously the past 13 years, this little device has felt like a life-saver. I cannot understand why more info is not out there about it. In this day and age when nearly every other tv commercial is for a pill and 'quick fix', I am greatly saddened by all the many people who are needlessly suffering out there, and as the saying goes, "we are legion". It is epidemic, and most folks blindly trust their doctors....It is a classic story. And all the while the pharmaceutical companies know the dangers but suppress it all. In summation, I urge anyone reading this to strongly consider popping for this device. There is zero risk-factor where with conventional treatment, the stakes are extreme. I am comforted that using this form of treatment is actually helping my brain to heal instead of taking pills that completely alter the brain and create dependency so severe that many people have their lives tragically changed into a nightmare from which there is no escape. Please, do your own research and please read the reviews and stories here. None of us have any vested interest. There is a running theme through most reviews, often like mine that involve a lot of NEEDLESS suffering. There is true hope offered in the science behind the Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I only wish I had discovered it years back... And I pray that the word gets out more and more that there IS a better way to manage - and heal- the things that may alter brain function. I have been telling others and I will continue to recommend the Fisher Wallace to anyone that is willing to listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Fisher Wallace Labs for bringing new hope and healing back into my life.

by Julie on Fisher Wallace
I can sleep again

I have used this for several years now, and get great sleep now. Before I was a horrible insomniac, none of the normal sleeping meds worked for me or left me groggy in the morning. I use it twice a day and can definitely tell when I slack off and forget it.

by Joyce Lingerfelt on Fisher Wallace
Promising Results

I am 70+ and have experienced depression since my early twenties. After using the Fisher Wallace for several weeks, I have experienced better sleep. While continuing to take prescribed antidepressants and using the Fisher Wallace, my depression is less severe. I intend to continue this approach and hope this progress will continue.

by Belinda Macaulay on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace

I bought the Fisher Wallace stimulator about a year ago and found it helped me with anxiety, sleeping and pain in my upper back. I used it regularly when I first got it. It took a while to help with my sleeping but worked faster with the anxiety. I use it also when I have pain in my neck and shoulder. Now I use it less regularly and on an as needed basis. I found a combination of using this machine, meditation a healthy diet and exercise as being the optimum formula for being healthy, rested and happy.

by Anne Cook on Fisher Wallace
Reliable Pain Relief

I have several chronic pain issues, including pelvic pain. I've found this device more effective than a TENS unit and it's easier to keep in position. What a relief!

by Susan Wright on Fisher Wallace
It works as well as they say!

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about five years, devising different routines as needed. .I have been diagnosed with fibromyaglia, restless legs, major depression, anxiety and sleep apnea and have used the stimulator to address all of them. The sleep apnea is important to mention because although I have used a c-pap machine for many years, its noise interfere with my sleep UNLESS I have used the Fisher Wallace during the day. Currently I use the Fisher Wallace in conjunction with meditating in the late afternoons, usually about 40 minutes. The use of the stimulator this way means that my evenings are pleasant and that I sleep well all night! I am very grateful for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and highly recommend it.

by Judy Vale on Fisher Wallace
better sleep

I've used the product twice daily for 20 minutes (mornings, evenings) and my sleep has definitely improved. Still not perfect, but worth the 40 minutes.

by Donald Slaughter on Fisher Wallace
Great tool for relieving stress

I have had the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for over one year and I have found that it has greatly reduced my stress levels which has allowed me to handle the challenges in my life with more confidence in my abilities and better decision making. The "fog" in my brain caused by stress and anxiety has lifted and I can focus better on my goals and accomplish so more.

by Gene Street on Fisher Wallace
It Works!

I have suffered from depression my entire adult life. This disease, I inherited from my mother, who was manic depressive. I have only been on antidepressants for the last 5 years, changing several times to find the right one. This last year my current one seemed to be not working as well as it did at first. I had been readying about CES, however thought it had to been done in a doctor's office. When I discovered the Fisher Wallace simulator I read all I could find out about it and ordered it. IT WORKS !!! I was having a problem getting out of bed and I am usually a morning person. Within 2 weeks I was getting out of bed and eager to start my day. I am now currently in my 10th week of using the simulator and my energy and activeness has continue to get better. I look forward to the 20 minutes, twice a day that I us my device. I would recommend this the anyone suffering from depression and their medicine is not quite enough. The Fisher Wallace simulator is Great for CES.

by DAVID KRAMER on Fisher Wallace

I am a psychotherapist, I decided to try the FW unit for two reasons, first I have had some problems sleeping and I wanted to personally review the results before recommended it to clients. I did help with the sleep, especially in the beginning, I did have to increase the intensity to keep the effect of getting sleepy or give it a couple of days off and then go back to it. The second reason is that it did definitely change my mood for the better although I felt more tranquility. Overall, I think it is a good idea for someone suffering with mood disorders. I am not a big fan of psychotropic drugs due to the numerous side effects. The FW stimulater would be my first option

by Babar Choudhry on Fisher Wallace

This product resulted in some improvement in patient after 1 month of use twice a day. Patient finds it helpful.

by A. Lim on Fisher Wallace
Fisher Wallace Stimulator

I've been using my Fisher Wallace Stimulator for about a month, my concentration and overall mood are greatly improved. I am using it once in the morning and once before bedtime. It is easy to use and it is helping me! Thank you!

by Sally on Fisher Wallace

I have been on and off of antidepressants for 15 years and most of them had no effect on me. The one or two that did work eventually wore off after a few months. It was a risky investment for me to purchase an expensive device like this one, but now I am so glad that my therapist told me to look into this. Not only do I not have to take medication anymore, which may cause side effects and dependency issues, but it ends up being a lot cheaper in the long run. Although my depression is not cured, and likely never will be, I find that there has been a significant decrease in my sad spells. I sleep much better, and I am much less irritable with family. My depression is managed much better and much more consistently with the Fisher Wallace stimulator, and I am so glad that I took the plunge to actually buy it!

by patricia on Fisher Wallace

Patricia Gold I've been using It to help me get to sleep. It really has worked for me. And I have noticed that my disposition is pretty positive too!

by Ruth Pollack- Pappas on Fisher Wallace

I use the FW, mainly to help with migraines, and insomnia. I VERY rarely get a good night's sleep. Therefore, there always comes a time, in the afternoon, when I just can't function. The brain won't work. And, I'm just shot. Ordinarily, I would have two choices: Lie down, fall asleep, and ruin all chances of having a decent sleep, yet another night. Or, I could take some medication, that would push me to stay awake, as uncomfortable, as it would be. Now - with the FW - there is another option! Simply using the FW, for 20 minutes, revitalizes me! I do NOT go into a sleep, but rather, I experience a wonderful relaxation. The stress is GONE, and my "get up and go" is ready to ... do just that! It is a blessing!!!

by Mike tamillow on Fisher Wallace
It works!

I have had lots of success from Fischer Wallace and can say firsthand that it works!

by C B LIVINGSTON on Fisher Wallace
It works

I am 69 years old and have lived with severe arthritis in my hands, knees, neck, and shoulders for well over 20 years. On some days my hands are virtually useless. I hated being drug dependent, but Tramadol and other strong medications were the only way I could function.I recently became concerned that I could become addicted. But living without medications for pain was not appealing. It would be wonderful to become drug free, so I began searching for anything that might be helpful.I researched the Fisher Wallace Stimulator as much as I could before ordering it. It is not like the TENS Unit. I have used the TENS Unit and there is no comparison. With the money-back guarantee I felt I had nothing to lose. So with much skepticism I ordered it and began using it as soon as I received it.My right arm/shoulder is in almost constant pain – medication or not. It was broken several years ago and I had 2 rotator cuff surgeries on it about 10 years ago. No matter how much medication I took, it would still keep me awake many a night.After using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator the first time my arm felt better, although I credited it to the placebo effect. After using it several times in 3 days I could no longer doubt it was the Fisher Wallace. Miracle of miracles, it actually works. I also used it on my arthritic hands and can now spread my fingers and write (not as good as I hope to) and have opened jars I haven't been able to open in years.The Fisher Wallace may not cure everything, but I believe it has helped me more than I ever dreamedanything could. Yes, it is expensive, but what price can you put on pain relief? I thank God for it; I just wish it were more affordable for the average person.

by Barbara Hunt on Fisher Wallace

This devise is awesome! I can now sleep through the night! Has also lifted my mood! Love it!!

by bruce on Fisher Wallace
fisher wallace

Didn't know I was depressed until I had used it for 3 months and was feeling a lot more positive about everything. Got it for sleeping and it works for me. been taking sleeping pills for 10 years and have got off them totally. I have been using the fisher Wallace device for 18 months and am now going from 2 times a day to 1. Getting a good nights sleep has helped me to get my anxiety meds as well. Have told quite a few people about this. To a lot of them it was too expensive. Lower price would get you more sales. Because I use it all the time I won't lend it out. To me it was worth every dollar, seeing the results, can't put a price on what it can do.

by Darryl Fry on Fisher Wallace
I was skeptical but no longer...

The use of the Fisher Wallace device has far exceeded my expectations. I have been a horrible sleeper most of my life and on constant medication to enhance sleep for the past 10 years. In 45 days I am off all medication and sleeping for 7 to 8 hours per night. It works! I am so grateful for this product and highly recommend it.

by Marc on Fisher Wallace
Good product

The device is easy to operate and can be used whilst doing other things. Im overall satisfied with this product.

by Barbara Bustillo on Fisher Wallace
Very Good Sleep

June 18, 2016My psychiatrist discussed with me, because of my chronic insomnia, and related anxiety issues, the use of The Fisher Wallace Stimulator. I have been using the unit for over a year, and am very pleased the way it has affected positivelymy sleep. At first I used it in the mornings, now I use it in the evening before I go to bed, with a remarkable affect on my sleep depth and duration.

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