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MaineCare requires doctors who prescribe the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® to first trial the device with patients in the office. 


Kim Shaffer, LCPC
88 Hammond Street - Suite 301
Bangor, ME 04401

CALL: 207-991-5818


Theodore Logan, MD
12 Union Street
Rockland, ME 04841

CALL: 207-921-8390

Prescribing doctors are not compensated by Fisher Wallace Laboratories, nor have any financial interest in the company.  This program launched in January 2018 and more doctors will be added to the list in the near future.


Are You a Doctor Interested in Obtaining a Free Sample Device?

MaineCare has authorized Fisher Wallace Laboratories to provide doctors with a free sample device to use with patients in a medical office. Please contact Fisher Wallace Laboratories if you are a licensed MaineCare doctor and wish to obtain a sample device: info@fisherwallace.com


Patient Reviews

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by Douglas Brown
helps with depression

I have had this device for a few years and it really helps boost the effects of my antidepressant medications. I can tell a big difference immediately. I highly recommend this product.

by Sandy
Excellent Results

My son has been using the Wallace Stimulator for a couple of years, and is very pleased with the results. It helps with sleep, anxiety and depression. Does not need to use on a daily basis anymore. Thanks for developing an excellent product.

by Barby
Feeling Happy And Energetic

Thank you Fisher Wallace for my device! I have suffered with depression for 18yrs. I have been on and off of mainly Celexa medication since. I was feeling like I needed an increase in dosage, but I was at the highest dosage I could be on and I didn't want an added medication. I heard about the Fisher Wallace device online and ordered it. I am so happy I did !! No new meds for me. After about a week and a half I was feeling back to my old self!! I felt happy again, had more energy and was more motivated! Thank you again!

by Lee Richards
Decreasing Medication And Improved Sleep

I have been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for three months and I have been able to cut my use of Lexapro and Wellbutrin XL in half. I have used both medications for 20+ years and once I found the right combination of meds, I vowed to sustain the dose for the rest of my life. However, a supportive chiropractor and VA psychiatrist have assisted me with this process and I am hopeful to discontinue both medications in the next three months. Another benefit of the stimulator has been improved sleep and cessation of all sleep aids.

by Josh Thomas

I have been suffering with insomnia for my whole life and have tried ambien, lunesta, melatonin and all the otc sleep aids and nothing helped. After using the Fisher wallace for 20 minutes twice daily I have finally been able to sleep again this product truly is a Miracle and I highly would recommend it to anyone with sleep issues of any kind. You dont realize how important sleep is!

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